Monday, April 1, 2013

Paul Fearne

Paul Fearne

A thousand

I never thought
that sunlight
would be so thick
as to drown the evening
in its own restless clawing

there are chances
and bright stars
that the daylight cannot hide
there are songs
that take the breathing of dreams
to let wander over sea shells

a corner
in a room
that a thousand children have been taught in
in that corner
a thousand tears have been shed
and each tear
upon hitting the floor
has given birth to a thousand dreams
a thousand new cities
a thousand works of art
untold marriages
and untold books

and when the tears have dried
and the cities have turned to dust
the art picked by wingless time
the marriages gone to a thousand generations
and the books to mere ideas
I will sing a new song
and it will be more lovely
than our hopes could bare
and it will be for you
and our children
and the wishing of the sun

The beauty of love

love and all it brings
hope and all that it lets us wish

when we find that special someone
we open our hearts
and our souls
and everything we thought was hidden
but when it comes to that missing heart beat
there is nothing like love
to bind the gap back together

we never know
what it truly means to love
until we have been there
and then
when the sand of the hourglass
no longer falls
here we find ourselves
through the mist
and into the arms of the other

but when we can no  longer feel life’s pulse
here love is
and bending us
to that deeper part of ourselves
that is not for touching
but for yearning
and all that comes to pass

when we look into the eyes of the beloved
here we find that something special
that we cannot describe
only hint at
when the dawn is at its most precious height
and the sparrow is at its nest
and feeding its young

but we must not be surprised at this
for when all the poets have had their say
and all the bards have sung their songs
there is something more that sweeps us away
and that is the strength we find
in the arms of the beloved
and dance which is love

I can only say one thing more
and that is
when we are through with everything about life
we return once again
to that centre
which is where love is
it holds us
breaks us
and transports us
to where we want to go
(and that is everywhere
and everything
and all that cannot be touched
by any hand of winter
or any lap of any wave
        on the hearth
              which is the beauty of love)

What we have always wanted

a sense
that we all have
that the daylight is a thief
as the time between moments
is what the scorching of the sun will take

and when we are through
I will have it all
and then
when the dance is done
and nothing can escape us
there will be a foraging
in the oldest places
we will find ancient manuscripts
and know them to be new
and then
when the darkness has left us without sight
I will forge a new path to the sea
            and we will come to know
                   what we have always wanted

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