Sunday, December 30, 2012

Paul Fearne

There are things which should not be said

          there are things which should not be said
     there are times which should only be put aside
and when we are through with them
we will come again
in a new form
and a new chance
at what the stars
have only ever felt

Never found again

a river that flows with the trappings of time
an eclipse of the sun that drips the dreams of tomorrow

in the middle of a lake of mist
the echoed silence of times forgotten
sing with the breath of what may have been

                      hold me close
                              for in the morning
             the vines that cover this antique cabinet
will forgive the dust that marks the passing of each day

what is here now
is a forgery of hoped for lullabies
that will guide these reckless autumn leaves
              to a place
                      that will never be found again

The ghosts of moonlight shadows

An ancient tomb
that cradles a home for butterflies
it breathes
as the light of centuries
washes over its dust
footprints lead from its entrance
they are left by the ghosts of moonlight shadows
as they dance through the porticoes
wheeling and diving
like the embers of a forgotten fire
that once lit the world
but now
only dream of silence
and the frayed tapestries of twilight

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